Woodeye Systems

Our turn-key approach to solving our customers’ needs for high yield wood component processing lines.

Based on the key products, the WoodEye scanner and the WoodEye Talon Cross Cut Saw, we deliver ready-to-use production lines, custom made for each customer’s demands. There are no shortcuts to the best line for each customer application!

Turn key solutions

WoodEye Systems ensures consistent quality at extremely high speeds, customised for your needs. For more than 30 years WoodEye has set the standards for further processing wood production. More than 550 scanning systems delivered to customers all over the world have optimised component manufacturing and increased the yield of the lines the WoodEye systems control.

Production lines for Finger Joint Material Processing

High Speed Cross cut system

Scanning, Crosscutting and Sorting System

Ripping, Scanning and Crosscutting System


The heavy duty WoodEye Talon Cross Cut Saw is designed for the highest precision at the highest possible speeds. Its unique direct drive servo motors give extremely high speed, acceleration and retardation thus making sure that each cut is uniquely fast and accurate whilst keeping mass / inertia to an absolute minimum. This reduces the loads on the saw and ensures a long and productive saw life.

World class capacity

With an Acceleration of 76m/s 2 WoodEye Talon Cross Cut saw gives you an unbeatable throughput.

Top accuracy

Cross cut tolerance +/-0.70 mm in length up to 1000 mm

Heavy duty machinery

WoodEye Talon Cross cut saw is built without compromises to ensure high availability and low maintenance during its long lifetime.