Let us help you take care of your system

The customer is always top priority, we offer you the very best customer service that is customized for your needs. With our service agreement you will get an insurance against unnecessary downtime in your production. For more information, contact us at aftersales@woodeye.com


We offer various service agreements and spare part packages. We can offer costumer service either by phone, through remote assistance or directly on site. Helpdesk is always available to you with our expert knowledge and extensive experience. Our priority is to get your production system running as quickly as possible and to minimize downtime.


With a service agreement you get access to our web-based service portal. The service portal provides you with up-to-date information about your system, relevant program updates and functions suitable for your specific system.

Additionally, it allows you to obtain information about your system’s current optimisation status. A service agreement gives you exclusive access to our exchange system for spare parts and enabling quick and easy communication with us. With the service agreement, you can always report problems directly at your personal service portal or at helpdesk@woodeye.com


We offer upgrades for older systems, e.g. WoodEye 4. Of both hardware and software, with everything from small components to complete system upgrades.

Upgrades can be necessary for the purpose of adding new functions or measures to increase the service life of your system by replacing obsolete components. WE4LE is the ultimate life extension of your current scanner.

With this upgrade, you continue to run your existing production process in your production line with your scanner but with a considerably extended service life and in most areas also improved performance.


The training, which takes one week, covers how the system functions works as well as how to adapt and align the system for your specific production process.

For new deliveries training of operators and other staff takes place at our premises, using the WoodEye scanner that will be delivered to the customer’s production facility. Shortly after the WoodEye scanner is installed and commissioned on site, the automated production is efficiently up and running.

Upgrades and new functions are regularly added, new personnel is hired and production conditions may change – we can offer customised training for all these scenarios. Up-to-date and solid knowledge of WoodEye scanner is the basis for effective utilisation; therefore it is useful for your employees to repeat the training. We offer training for operators and administrators. We prefer to conduct training at our own premises to avoid disruption to your production process, but it is also possible to provide customised instruction on site.


We offer extra help with optimisation and adjustment of your specific system. Expert assistance is always available to ensure you get the maximum possible financial return from your WoodEye system throughout its life cycle.