WoodEye – in a class of its own

WoodEye ensures wood products of the correct quality as expected by the end customer at a high production speed with minimal waste.

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WoodEye – The best selling scanner in the history of woodworking

WoodEye is a fully-integrated system that controls different types of production lines: for example, cutting or sorting lines. The WoodEye scanner can be monitored and configured directly with the, easy to use, operators interface on the built in touchscreen or remotely via a portable handheld device. Tolerances and demands can be adjusted interactively and the interface shows clear graphical images how the settings will affect the results and the classification of the wood. The graphical presentation of variety of defects further facilitates the evaluation process. The Advanced statistics functions make it simple to track trends in production on the basis of parameters such as return, number of running meters or specific defect types.

The best detection in the world

The world’s best detection has always been WoodEyes trademark. Numerous tests worldwide has proven the superiority of WoodEye scanners.

Smart and easy to use

State of the art software with menu-based graphical operating interface on a large, easy-to-use touch screen.

Advanced statistics and production control

Real time tracking of trends in production and advanced defect statistics. With WoodEye you can take control of your production.


WoodEye is the best selling scanner in the history of wood production. Over 600 systems have been delivered worldwide for hundreds of different high end applications. We have specialized in the wood remanufacturing industry where our experience from the most advanced applications such as window components, parquet and furniture component production has given WoodEye its unique characteristics. Always at a high production speed with minimal waste.

WoodEye RIP

WoodEye Rip is for scanning and sorting wide boards, it possesses the same qualities of an WoodEye Scanner. WoodEye Rip has such a high detection capability that rip optimization can be based on the quality rules applicable to the final products to be produced. Again with the highest production rate and minimal waste.

WoodEye Mini

This stand-alone one-sided compact grading system is useful for sorting boards in different grades. The system can be mounted to scan the top or bottom of the boards. WoodEye Mini scans the boards on one side, defining and checking your rules in the same way as an standard WoodEye 5. WoodEye Mini has many possible applications like panels, colour matcher etc.